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If you haven’t played around with Docker yet, I highly recommend spinning it up and messing around! Docker is a wrapper around LinuX Containers (LXC) combined with a public container repository. Want a Redis daemon?

docker pull redis
docker run --name some-redis -d redis redis-server --appendonly yes

There you go, the latest version of Redis, packed in a container, and running on your Docker host with a minimum of fuss.

I’m still not quite sure what it would look like in a production environment, as Docker containers sit in some weird space between packages, chroot jails, and configuration management. I do like that Docker containers have been built with sensible defaults and generally accept command line arguments for the most common of customizations.

Jury’s out on how Docker will shape systems work over the next few years! Until I understand it better, I’m dumping a list of Docker-related links for the curious.

Please browse them at your leisure, and have a happy holiday!

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